One thing you should know about Dr. Dorrough is that he loves to run. He runs six mornings a week, generally running between 60 and 70 miles each week. Marathons are his favorite races, and he tries to run a spring and a fall marathon each year.

Our family runs. Nobody else is quite as serious about running as Mark, but we do enjoy the feeling of crossing a finish line and getting a medal! I run mostly because it’s the best way I know to burn calories, but Mark runs because he loves to do it. We have had many fun experiences as a family traveling to races, and my favorite part of vacations is running in the mornings and seeing a new city in a way you’ll never see it from a car or a subway. My favorite run is in Boston, running through 1776. If you ever want to tag along, I’ll take you to see the tea party harbor, Paul Revere’s house, the Old North Church, Bunker Hill, the Granary Burial Ground, the statehouse, and Boston Common–six miles of excitement!

This photo is from the Snow Canyon Half Marathon last November. Mark ran it super fast, Joel and I ran it together in a respectable time, and Savanna ran the 5k, finishing first overall for women!

Right now Mark is about 7 weeks away from running his fifth Boston Marathon on April 16th. He’s training hard, while at the same time hoping to hold off injuries that made his last Boston in 2015 not quite as fun as it should have been.

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