The best playlist ever

Several times a day, patients of all ages comment on how much they like the music we play. I also frequently hear patients humming and singing along to the songs. Everyone asks if it’s a Pandora station, or if not, where we get our playlist.

The answer is that the playlist is 100% custom. There are more than 1,800 songs, hand-picked by Dr. Dorrough. I took the photo above during one of his playlist-making sessions last winter. He had the laptop open to TIDAL, and was using the SONOS app on his phone to play the music on our home speakers.  He really created the perfect mix of the best songs from many genres, and selected songs that span the past 50 years.

Dr. Dorrough really loves music. He designed our office sound system to have great speakers (left and right, of course) at every dental chair and in every room. Our songs are also FLAC format, meaning they are full CD-quality, not compressed like many streaming services.

Besides providing our patients with the best quality dentistry, we also give you the best quality music! Great music on a great sound system makes a big difference.

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