Dr. Dorrough has always loved taking photos. Even when he was a teenager, he bought a very nice Canon A1 camera and Canon lens, and he took lots of photos. When I met him, he had that same camera from his teenage years, and it still looked brand new. He brought the camera on every adventure. He has a gift for photography for sure. In 2006 he made the switch to digital photography, which sadly means that most of our photos from the past 12 years are stored on a hard drive somewhere rather than being enjoyed. Recently, he has been on a quest to take photos for the walls at our dental office, and so he has been learning lots of new photography tricks and techniques from his new best friends on YouTube.

Macro photography has been his focus for the past few months. He practices every weekend taking close-up pictures of flowers, bugs, trees, and my cookies. Hopefully soon you’ll see some of his art hanging on our walls here.

These are a few pictures he took last weekend. The “flowers” are actually weeds that were growing in the field next to the dental office. The first photo was from our adventure to one of my favorite places, Provo River Falls, where we were treated to a photo shoot of slow shutter speeds and had to hold super still to get the water effect he was looking for.

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