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Welcome to Heber City Dental

From the moment you step inside our door, you will see that we have created our office with your comfort in mind. High ceilings, abundant natural light, and Dr. Dorrough’s custom playlist have all been designed to make your visit as pleasant as possible. We have state-of-the-art equipment and the latest dental technologies available, including digital imaging and quiet electric handpieces. Our waiting room windows look out over the Heber Valley with a beautiful view of Timp, and the patient rooms have large windows with unobstructed views to the north. Our friendly staff knows how to take care of you and to make you feel at ease. Dr. Dorrough is very thorough with his exams and takes his time to explain his recommendations and to answer any questions you may have. He uses only the highest quality materials, and takes the time necessary to do things the right way. He provides general dentistry to patients of all ages, and new patients are always welcome.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Dorrough

Mark has been practicing general dentistry for 26 years. He practiced in Oregon for 21 years, and then in 2017, Mark returned to his Utah roots and opened his new state-of-the-art practice in the beautiful Heber Valley. He loves living in Heber, because it brings him closer to family and the outdoor recreation that he enjoys.

Mark is an avid runner, and the marathon distance is his favorite—his PR is 3:03:28! He has been blessed to qualify for and to run the Boston Marathon 7 times and is working to make it 8. You will see him in the early mornings decked out in blinking lights and bright colors getting in a training run before work, or completing a long run on Saturdays. During the winter, he enjoys cross country skiing in addition to running. Other hobbies he enjoys are: spending time with his kids, photography, hiking, and anything that gets him outdoors.

Mark is a family man. He has been married to his wife Jill for 30 years, and they have seven children, named from A to Z in alphabetical order.

Dr. Dorrough has a BS in Biology from BYU, and he received his DDS degree from Creighton University School of Dentistry.

Who works with us?

Meet the Team

  • Amy

    Dental Hygienist

    Amy has been a dental hygienist for about 16 years, and joined our team when we opened in 2017. She moved to Heber a couple of years ago and loves living here. Amy makes our patients happy, and her laugh and excitement are contagious.

  • Diane

    Dental Hygienist

    Diane has been a hygienist for more than 30 years, and she loves her patients. She grew up in Wyoming but has raised her family in Utah. Diane and her husband have three grown children and two grandbabies. She loves to be outside, and especially loves spending time at Bear Lake with her family.

  • Jill

    Business Manager

    Jill takes care of the computers and all of the behind-the-scenes details for the office. She loves cross country skiing, baking cookies, and explaining algebra and chemistry to teenagers.

  • Dyan

    Dental Assistant

    Dyan has lived her entire life in the Heber area, and it seems that she knows almost everyone in the valley. She has been in the dental field for many years, and joined our team as a dental assistant when we opened our practice in 2017.


At Heber City Dental, Dr. Dorrough performs a wide-range of procedures. Some of these procedures include:


An extraction may be recommended for several reasons, including decay, fractured tooth syndrome, dental pain, a broken tooth, or wisdom teeth extractions.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dr. Dorrough offers FREE wisdom teeth evaluations to new patients, and if you choose to have your wisdom teeth removed in our office, we are set up to keep you comfortable through conscious sedation.

Root Canals

When decay has made its way to the nerve, or if a tooth has died, this procedure is done to remove the nerve of the tooth, allowing the patient to retain the tooth. Most cases can be done right in our office without having to go to a specialist. A tooth that has had a root canal is very fragile, as it no longer has a blood supply. To preserve the tooth structure, a crown is recommended after a root canal has been done.

Cosmetic Dentistry

To improve the aesthetics of your smile, there are several cosmetic procedures that we offer. From whitening the teeth to placing veneers, ask us what we can do to improve your smile.


This common dental procedure involves removing decay and compromised tooth structure, and then bonding a tooth-colored composite filling to replace the natural tooth structure.


Sometimes called a cap, a crown made of either porcelain or gold, and is placed when a tooth has broken or when the extent of decay makes it necessary to provide a strong restoration.

Children's Dentistry

Dr. Dorrough does an amazing job working with children. As the father of seven kids, he has developed a great way of communicating with kids, and he makes them feel very comfortable in the dental chair. We have a friendly office, and our staff works very well with patients of all ages. We also have a super cool prize drawer for kids!


This common dental surgery is performed to provide a permanent, functional replacement for a tooth that has been lost to decay, injury, or fracture. An oral surgeon places the implant post, and after that has healed, you will return to our office for a crown that fits into the implant.

Routine Cleanings and Exams

These are an essential part of your dental health. It is recommended to have a cleaning and exam done every six months. It’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to take care of dental decay when it is small, and routine visits allow us to keep an eye out for changes in your dental health.


A denture is a removable prosthetic that is custom made to fill the space of multiple missing teeth. A denture that fits well should allow you to eat, talk and drink with it in place. Sometimes dentures are called “false teeth.”

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    5 Star Reviews

    • Professional, beautiful office and Dr. Dorrough did not try to sell me on any services ; he just said “let’s wait and see how this turns out “ I love that! I will be back Plus great music to listen to.

      -Barbara, Heber City, UT
    • Had an emergency situation and they fit me in within the hour. Great people from the second I walked in the door. Felt like I got good, fair advice regarding how I should handle my situation and they even went above and beyond to explain their findings to the oral surgeon and assisted in scheduling an appointment with them for the next day. Not to mention it’s a brand new building with all new equipment which is always a plus. Thanks guys.

      -Doug, Oak Ridge, NJ
    • Love Dr. Dorrough. Staff is super friendly and he does great work. Very happy patient.

      -Micheal, Heber City, UT
    • The staff is so very friendly, accommodating, and skilled. This is a practice that has made our whole family feel welcome and at ease no matter whether small children, adolescents or adults. We feel confident our dental needs are taken seriously and with great care. Patient comfort is of utmost importance as well as careful attention to the details that ensure quality dental work.

      -Liane, Heber City, UT
    • I have found my dentist finally. From the moment you walk in you are treated with such kind and sincere customer service these guys got it right. The hygienist Amy is great and puts you right at ease she did a great job and was personable the entire time. And Dr. Dorrough was great. So far I have a really good taste on my mouth about this office. Thank you guys for the experience.

      -Jennifer, Heber City, UT
    • I had a cleaning for the first time at Heber City Dental. Everyone was friendly and answered any questions I had. The cleaning was thorough but never rough. Dr.Dorrough was kind and went through all of my teeth and explained everything. I will recommend them to anyone who is looking for a dentist. The staff was super nice and worked with my schedule and was great on telling me pricing, overall best dentist experience I’ve had.

      -Brianna, Heber City, UT
    • Best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist! Excellent dentist. Excellent staff. Thank you!

      -Carolyn, Heber City, UT
    • Even though I am a person who hates going to the dentist, I always enjoy my experiences with Dr. Mark Dorrough and everyone who works at Heber City Dental. Thanks again for a good check up and cleaning!

      -Lindsay, Orem, UT
    • My husband Robert and I LOVE Dr Mark and all his staff at Heber City Dental. They make every experience so pleasant that you hate to leave. Thank You Heber City Dental for making “Going to the Dentist” a happy experience. We highly recommend Heber City Dental to everyone we know here in the Heber Valley.

      -Jeannie, Heber City, UT
    • I love the environment. They make you feel confortable. Very professional. Awesome offices. Thank you!!!!

      -Gina, Heber City, UT


    Q Are you accepting new patients?

    YES! We would love to help you schedule an appointment. Call us at 435-252-0456. We can’t wait to meet you.

    Q Do you take my insurance?

    Yes! We accept benefits from most major insurance companies.

    Q What if I don’t have dental insurance?

    NO PROBLEM!  We offer an in-office membership plan that covers your preventive care, and also gives you a 15% discount on in-office procedures. Call us for details.

    Q Do you offer payment plans?

    YES! While payment is expected at the time of service, we do offer flexible financing options for our patients through Sunbit and Care Credit.

    Q Does Dr. Dorrough treat children?

    YES! Dr. Dorrough is great with kids, and he is very experienced at providing dental treatment to our little patients. We also have super cool prizes to reward kids for being great patients. We want our youngest patients to have a positive experience, and in some cases we may refer you to a pediatric dentist if that will be in your child’s best interest.

    Q Does Dr. Dorrough do wisdom teeth extractions?

    YES! Dr. Dorrough has removed thousands of teeth over his career, and removing wisdom teeth is one of his favorite aspects of being a dentist. If Dr. Dorrough feels that your case would be better suited for a specialist, he will refer you to our local oral surgeon Dr. Joe Fullmer.

    Q Does Dr. Dorrough do root canals?

    YES! If your tooth requires a root canal, in most cases Dr. Dorrough can perform the procedure in our office. If he feels that a specialist would be a better fit for your situation (re-treatment, previous root canals, curved roots, canal blockage), he will refer you to a root canal specialist.

    Q Do you offer sedation?

    YES! We have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available for your comfort, and can combine this with Halcion to provide conscious sedation. Many patients use this to help them relax, and to make sitting through a dental procedure a bit more pleasant.

    Q Do I really need to have my dental work done if I’m not in pain?

    YES! Dental pain is a sign of significant problem, often requiring a root canal and crown, or extraction. A cavity usually does not cause pain, but it is a serious condition that should be treated. Decay will only get worse as time goes on. A basic filling can turn into a very long and costly procedure in a short amount of time if left untreated.