Property Brothers

We frequently get asked about our building, especially about who designed it and who we hired to build it. The answer–The Lythgoes.

Lane Lythgoe was our architect. When we met him, we were complete strangers, and now he is one of our dearest friends. It was very important to us hire a local architect who would design a building that would look like it belonged here in Heber, or to even look like it might have always been here. Lane immediately was able to catch our vision for what we wanted to building to look like, and more importantly how we needed it to function.  In short, Lane is our hero.

Another big part of the picture is Lane’s brother Scot, who was our builder. From groundbreaking to move-in was a 9-month process, and considering some of the hoops the city made us jump through after things were already underway, that truly is a miracle. Scot had great foresight to have his ducks in a row so that things would progress without delays.

We love Lane and Scot so much that we named our building after them. Shortly before we moved in, we presented them with this cornerstone plaque that is located on the SE corner of the building.

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