Boston Marathon

We are back in the office after taking a week off for Dr. Dorrough to go run the Boston Marathon. It was his fifth Boston, and very memorable. The weather on race day was awful, but 30,000 runners didn’t care and took to the streets to run 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston. The cold, wind and rain actually made it a race day for the underdogs, as the “elite” field dropped off through the race, leaving room for the real winners to emerge and claim victory. It was amazing to see Desi Linden finally get her win. I’ve seen her finish this marathon 5 times, always close to the front, but never first. She is America’s most consistent female marathoner, and she deserved this win.

I claimed my usual spot near the finish in front of Lord and Taylor at 8:00 am, even though the race didn’t start for another 2 hours. The rain was consistent and heavy. The winds were strong, and the temperature with wind chill was in the 20’s. The crowds were definitely light this year, maybe only 10% of the usual spectators ventured out to watch the finish, but I knew that if I went back into the warm and dry hotel, I would never make it back out for the race. It was worth the hours of waiting to see Mark come through with a big smile on his face.

He finished in 3:31:35, which was amazing considering the conditions of the day that slowed down even the winners by 20 minutes. He will be happy to give you all the details next time you’re in the office.

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