We hope you are all staying well during this crazy time. We look forward to a time where we can all resume our normal lives and worries. We know it is very stressful for all of humanity right now, but we know better days are ahead.

Dr. Dorrough’s catchphrase these days is “locus of control.” There are so many scary things out of our control right now, but he wants you to only worry right now about what you actually can control, and to please let go of the worries about what you cannot. We can’t control our government, the virus that is terrifying us all, our lenders, job situations, or health. But we CAN control how we care for our neighbors right now, how merciful we are with someone who has wronged us, how we spend this suddenly large amount of free time we currently have as we isolate and quarantine and social-distance. He said to think of the time off of work as a blessing to be able to have time to spend with family, work on a hobby, finish a project you keep wanting to do, read a book you never have time for, learn a new skill. Do something kind for someone in your family or on your street. Be thankful for the opportunity to do these new things.

We had hoped initially that we could keep regular office hours during this pandemic time, but the spread of the virus in our valley and state have led the CDC and American Dental Association to recommend that preventive and routine dental visits be postponed for 30 days, reserving treatment for emergency and urgent dental needs. We are not sure when our regular office hours will resume.

Dr. Dorrough is spending these furlough days taking macro photos of all of the random things he can find in our house and dental office. You’ve never seen a gumdrop, cookie, or piece of gauze look so good! I am baking every day, making quilts out of old jeans I’ve been collecting for years, reading War and Peace, and studying Spanish. Things we wish we could do every day, but we’re always busy working and don’t usually take time for some small things that bring us joy. It’s how we are focusing on our locus of control.

We will of course take care of you and your emergency and urgent dental needs during this time. You can reach us by phone at 435-252-0456 or text 435-222-2107. If Jill doesn’t answer, she will get back to you within one business day. As always, if you are a patient of record with a severe dental emergency (pain, infection, broken tooth, etc), you can reach the doctor at 435-799-5693. We hope we will see you soon. In the meantime, enjoy these random photos Mark has taken this week.

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