Complimentary notary service available

My entire adult life I have wanted to be a notary. I don’t know why, but the thought of owning a journal full of lines and a cool stamp with my name on it just seemed so exciting. Over the years we have needed many documents notarized, and it was always so complicated to find a notary who was available when we needed one. I thought it would be so convenient to be a notary for our friends and patients. I always wondered what it took to become a notary, but because I had seven kids at home and a million other things to worry about, I never really looked into it.

Well, I finally figured out what needed to be done, and I am now an official Utah notary. If you need something notarized during our regular office hours, there is no charge. Just call ahead to make sure I’m in the office. I really love filling out the lines in my notary journal and stamping my pretty purple seal onto paper!

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